do your dream



Pay as you GROW

Minutes based meetings

Each meeting includes:

  • Agenda/On-boarding questionnaire,

  • talking points

  • homework assignments.

Minutes, coach supplied research, organizational systems and recommendations, and “homework” to follow.
"Homework" covers everything from creative exploration prompts, additional research for the client to inform further discussions, networking, and more….

Weekly meetings are most common.

Bi weekly or as needed meetings available.

60/90/120 minute blocks available

Ongoing Empowerment/FUll service

All-Access Monthly Coaching Retainers

(7 or 5 day weekly models)

  • Weekly meetings, at minimum - and as any other additional meetings/calls/texts/emails.

  • Response time for all communication within 2 hours or less

  • Co editing of "homework" documents, and/or resumes, cover letters, website, LinkedIn, any professional documentation and/or drafts.

  • Networking buddying up

  • All you need, as you desire

Courageous Coaching/partial service

Career development, and definition

  • Creative, catered career coaching, development, and definition

  • Job searching out of the box

  • Offensive vs Defensive outreach

  • Interview Slam Dunks

  • Networking beyond the box

One or multiple meetings - extended length, ASAP solutions for high-needs success.

Individual meetings, workshops, large and small group meetings, student and professional groups.